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TATV Season One
Jacobs Brown Press

TATV Season One

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Marc Cushman

HardCover - RELEASED August 5, 2013

What makes this book on Star Trek® different from others written about this remarkable and undying series is its scope. First, it will be published in three volumes, each close to 500 pages in length. At a total of 1,500 pages, it will be the biggest and, because it has the space to do so, will be the first to closely examine all the episodes of the original series, utilizing memos written during their making -- communications between the producers, writers, directors, and the network -- as well as the censor reports, the production schedules, the ratings, and even fan mail. The book also includes hundreds of interviews with writers, directors, producers, actors, and crew personnel, including a never-before-published and extensive interview Marc conducted with the late Gene Roddenberry.
These are the Voyages - TOS, Season One will serve as a time machine, taking the reader back 45 years, to witness the creation and production of each of these episodes.



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