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TATV 70s V2
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TATV 70s V2

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Marc Cushman

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Volume Two (1976-77) now covers Roddenberry’s career after the end of Star Trek: The Animated Series, as he continued to create properties for television (Spectre, and “Battleground: Earth”) and the big screen (“The Nine”). During this time, Paramount Studios reaped millions from Star Trek licensing, and finally turned to Roddenberry to write a script for a big-screen motion picture, “Star Trek II.” The studio execs bristled at his story ideas (which we present fully for you). The studio solicited proposals from several other science fiction and Star Trek writers before settling on a team of British screenwriters with no experience in the genre. Two years passed while Paramount dithered over finding a story “big enough,” before choosing to aim for the small screen. In 1977, the studio asked Roddenberry to create a new Trek for television. The saga of “Star Trek – Phase II” is laid out for you in unprecedented detail, including the stories readied for the show, the drama behind the scene, and the projects ultimate cut-off – to make way for Star Trek – The Motion Picture. The script intended to launch “Phase II,” “In Thy Image,” would go on to serve as the story for Star Trek – The Motion Picture.

This book is a work of journalism and is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. or the "Star Trek®" franchise. The Star Trek® trademarks, logos, and related names are owned by CBS Studios Inc., and are used under "fair use" guidelines.



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