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Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney

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Studio: Jacobs/Brown Media Group / Music Video Dist.
DVD Release Date:September 2, 2008
Run Time: 84 minutes 
Directed and produced by Marc Cushman

Winner: Best Picture - Mockfest.

Editorial  Reviews
August, 1965. Ruth Anson, a teenage-reporter for ABC-TV news, is covering the 'teen-beat.' One of her first interviews is with the Beatles, where she asks a young Paul McCartney if he has any plans for marriage. His response: "Only if you'll marry me." Forty years later, Ruth, in search of "closure," obsessively attempts to reconnect with McCartney. "Help" is provided by an opportunist film director who sees Ruth's personal quest as a golden opportunity to reach his professional heights. He assigns a camera-crew to follow Ruth as she, in turn, follows McCartney. But it's not long before the director realizes this 'serious documentary' could just turn into a money-pit with limited marketability. And then he has a brainstorm: in the spirit of reality TV, he manipulates his production to become more entertaining ... and far more embarrassing for the unsuspecting Ruth.

A word from the  Director: Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney is true. It is  the story of an obsessed Paul McCartney fan in search of Paul ... and in search  of herself. But the movie is something more - it shows the viewers what truly  goes on behind the closed doors of the production offices in Reality TV. The  people you see on the screen in these shows may be real. Their reactions to the  situations may be real. But those situations are often manipulated by the  producers to keep the audience hooked. In this movie, we allow you to witness  the mechanics of this popular but deceptive genre.

I have worked in Reality TV.  I know first hand what goes on behind the scenes, and I chose to turn the  cameras on myself and my crew to reveal this naughtiness to the viewing  audience. Am I really the cad you see in Desperately Seeking Paul  McCartney? Or am I doing my best impression of certain producers I have worked for in the past -- producers who believed that the show must go on, whatever the price -- and lost no sleep over what they did to accomplish this. You may relate to the Marc Cushman you meet in Desperately Seeking Paul  McCartney ... or you may despise him. Whatever your reaction, the show did go on."

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