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Lost in Space Volume 3 - Shipping begins February 9th 2017

Now, in this final volume:  the production of the third broadcast season on CBS, Allen's difficult discussion to end the series, and the cast reunions spanning the years, including the TV productions The Fantasy World of Irwin Allen and Lost in Space Forever. Also covered:  the attempts to bring the cast together for a feature film in the 1980s and a TV movie and pilot film in 2002. Most recently, Lost in Space gets a makeover for the 1998 feature film from New Line Cinema, a TV pilot for NBC, and the new series in production for Netflix.  

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Lost in Space Volume 2 - Coming 11/2016

Continue the adventure of Lost in Space in Volume 2, Coming November 2016. Lost in Space went through far beyond a switch to color when it's second season premiered 50 years ago in the Fall of 1966. You will finally know the reasons why.

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Lost in Space Vol One is ready..

Lost in Space Vol 1 - Shipping 8/9/2016.

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From These are the Voyages:TOS Season One    Season Two    Season Three

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